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Exhibition of children drawings under the name “Safe Christmas. Draw the present you dream of” was opened by Meglena Kuneva at the Gallery of EIBANK.

At the official opening the EU consumer affairs commissioner Ms Meglena Kuneva rewarded the children best performed in the competition
The exhibition of children drawings which participated in the competition “Safe Christmas. Draw the present you dream of.” was officially opened at 3 February 2008 at the Gallery of EIBANK. More then 80 children throughout the country sent their colored drawings illustrating the Christmas present they dream of and which they consider most safe. Selected jury with Ms Meglena Kuneva as a chairwoman nominated the winners in the competition and personally rewarded them.
The opening of the exhibition of children drawings was part of a consecution of events during the campaign initiated by Ms Megelna Kuneva under the name “Safe Christmas. Be careful what you give children.” The campaign was launched in the beginning of December with a press conference and was followed by a meeting of the trade organizations, producers and importers of children toys as well as the media partners of the initiative, and with a series of exclusive examinations throughout the country.
The opening of the official exhibition of children drawings under the name “Safe Christmas. Draw the present you dream of” closed the campaign. Ms Meglena Kuneva noted the results of the initiative and indicated the heighten watchfulness and responsibility of the Bulgarian consumers. A special appeal concerning the passed campaign was made by Mr. Damyan Lazarov, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Commission and Mr. Vasil Simov, Chairman of the Managing Board of EIBANK.
The exhibition will continue till 10 February 2008.