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The Top Deposit campaign launched in the beginning of June allowed EIBANK to report a growth of over 70% in the amount of deposits. Due to the large interest in the product, the Bank extended the term of the promotion by two more months until 30 September 2008 retaining all parameters of the deposit.
The high level of interest in the Top Deposit is generated by the opportunity to avoid inflation by withdrawing the interest at the time of opening of the deposit or at regular intervals, depending on the client’s preference. As part of this campaign, clients also receive a bonus of 5% of the full amount of the interest.
According to Mr. Peter Andronov, Chief Executive Officer of EIBANK, in addition to advance withdrawal of the interest, a large number of the clients are also intrigued by the possibility to take an overdraft instead of terminating the deposit in advance in case of an unexpected need for cash. The Bank offers the clients of Top Deposit an overdraft amounting to up to 90% of the amount of the deposit with a preferential interest rate of 7.5% and an easier procedure.
From the beginning of 2008, EIBANK offers 5 new deposit products that cover the entire consumer range – Ordinary Savings Deposit, Eurodeposit, Child Savings Deposit, Growing Deposit, and Top Deposit.