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EIBANK observes an increased interest in MasterCard during the summer months due to the offered bonus – free membership in the Рriority Traveller and Priority Pass programmes of the world renowned company Priority Collection Limited. The Bank pays the annual membership in such programs for every client who is a MasterCard holder.
The Рriority Traveller and Priority Pass programs are specially oriented to frequent travellers. They are in very high demand especially in the summer as they offer a number of discounts and other benefits when organizing a holiday.
Рriority Traveller offers promotions for reservations in over 80 000 hotels worldwide, discounts for car rental and special care in case of loss of flight luggage. Membership in Priority Pass gives access to 550 VIP lounges at more than 300 airports including the two terminals at Sofia Airport, regardless of the used airline – either regular or low cost.
Another advantage of the MasterCard issued by EIBANK is that each cardholder is provided with free travel and medical insurance whose coverage is up to EUR 30 000.
Since April 2008, EIBANK offers new, more favorable conditions for revolving MasterCard Standard and Gold cards whereby the 45 day grace period applies not only to purchases but also to cash withdrawals. The minimum payment is 3.5% of the used credit and the maximum unsecured amount of the credit limit is up to BGN
20 000.