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CIBANK has launched a new mortgage loan under the motto “Bye mum, bye dad!

CIBANK has launched a new mortgage loan under the motto “Bye mum, bye Dad”       

CIBANK has launched a new mortgage loan with updated parameters and a bonus –Visa Classiс credit card with a limit up to BGN 5 000.
The mortgage loan offers favorable interest rates - 7.90% for a loan in BGN and 6.80% for a loan in EUR for the whole repayment period, without any application fees or early repayment fees. The clients may use it for purchase of homes and offices, for repairs and finishing works, as well as to refinance debts to other banks. The repayment period for the loan is up to 35 years.
CIBANK’s special offer – Visa Classic credit card is attractive not only with the initially approved limit of  BGN 5 000, but also for the fact that it’s offered without any additional collateral, without a servicing fee in the first year, and a grace period of up to 45 days.
CIBANK started an advertising campaign for the product under the motto “Bye mum, bye dad”, focusing on a traditional social issue for the Bulgarians, i.e cohabitation of different generations. According to the statistics, 46% of the people aged 25 live with their parents, 38% of the people aged 35 also live with their parents, 26% of the people above 45 years of age keep on living with their parents! „Isn’t it high time we had our own homes?”, CIBANK asks.