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CIBANK offers Children’s Savings Deposit “Dreams”

CIBANK offers a Children’s Savings Account “Dreams”
For the first day of school, CIBANK offers to parents and relatives a good idea for a children’s gift – the Children’s Savings Account “Dreams”. Anyone may pay in money on behalf of children of up to 18 years of age by stating only the Name, Personal Number and Address. On behalf of the child-account holder, a Savings Book is issued which makes this gift convenient and practical. The deposit may be in different currencies and the minimum amounts are respectively - BGN 100, EUR 50, USD 50. The interest consists of base interest rate and progressively increasing interest bonuses, depending on the time the deposited amounts have stayed in the account. Additional deposits are allowed without restrictions throughout the period which does not alter the contractual terms.
The amounts in the children’s savings account „Dreams” are guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Fund in Bulgaria at the rates prescribed by the law.