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Determining the winners from the promotion (lottery) of the overdraft credit campaign

Determining the winners in the promotion (lottery) of the overdraft credit campaign.

On 31.10.2008 in the presence of Iliana Boykova Rashkova – Assistant Notary Public at the office of Maria Mihova-Rashkova – Notary Public with reg. № 504 with Minutes reg. № 8787, Act  170, It. 2 entered on 31.10.2008 in the register of the Notary Public, the following 10 winners from the Credit Overdraft campaign were selected. 
First prize of BGN 400 was won by Valeri Aleksandrov Todorov, the Town of Vidin
Nine other prizes of BGN 200 were won by:

  1. Hristina Kirilova Vasileva, City of Sofia
  2. Emilia Ilieva Tocheva, City of Sofia
  3. Orhan Yusuf Yusuf, Village of Ustren
  4. Elena T. Ivanova-Vitkova, City of Sofia
  5. Dimcho Hristov Hristov, Town of Burgas
  6. Shenay Mustafa Salim, Village of Mishevsko
  7. Kirilka Zdravkova Ruseva, Town of Ruse
  8. Georgi Zdravkov Atanasov, Town of Samokov
  9. Maya Borislavova Tsvetanova, Town of Pravets

Entitled to participate in the Promotion were all clients of CIBANK, individuals who meet the condition in the period 01-30.09.2008 to have signed a credit overdraft contract  and by  15.10.2008  to have utilized  60% or more of the approved credit limit of the overdraft.
The winners will receive their prize in their current account through which they were granted the overdraft. 
Congratulations to the winners!