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CIBANK granted scholarships to four students from the University of National and World Economy (UNWE)

For the academic year 2008 – 2009 CIBANK granted four scholarships to the students who performed best during their summer internship at the Bank. The scholarships amounted to BGN 1 000 and were accompanied by Diplomas which the students - Nelly Maksimova, Ruslan Martinov, Kostadin Tashkov and Nikola Keremidchiev - personally received from the Chairperson of CIBANK’s Supervisory Board, Tsvetelina Borislavova, and the Chief Executive Director, Petar Andronov.
As part of its corporate social responsibility program, CIBANK together with the Inter-University Career Center of UNWE implemented an ambitious internship program which so far has included over 150 students and 25% of them have already started work at the Bank. These young people are predominantly studying the following subjects: “Finances”, “Accounting and Control”, “International Economic Relations”, “Law”, “Economics and Labor Organization”, etc.
According to Petar Andronov, Chief Executive Director of CIBANK, the Bank not only offers an internship but also trains its future employees. For this purpose a special program has been developed which covers the different levels of training.
Second and third year students train for 1 month and may choose their place of work among 135 Branches of CIBANK throughout the country. To encourage these future bankers, the Bank grants an annual scholarship of BGN 1000 to those of them that have performed best and have excellent grades in their studies.  
For the compulsory 45-day internship, last year students sign a civil contract with the Bank and receive remuneration.
The next step in working with young people is CIBANK’s six-month internship program for students in the year of their graduation which in addition to contracted work and remuneration provides the students with training at the Training and Methodology Centre of the Bank.