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ЕIBANK reports 80.7% increase in its profit from main activities

EIBANK reports a 23.3 mln. BGN profit before tax for the first nine months of 2008. The profit from main activities for the same period of last year was 12.9 mln. BGN.
EIBANK has increased its market share in retail loans, which as of 30th Sept. 2008 reached 2.3%. The growth rate for loans granted by the bank for the same period was 35% compared to the growth rate of the entire banking sector of 29% .
For the period September 2007 - September 2008 the amount of attracted funds in EIBANK (excluding those from banks) increased to 22% with market share of generated funds from primary depositors (excluding banks) - 3.5%. The capital adequacy of the bank amounts to 13.7%.
EIBANK will continue to develop and diversify the scope of its deposit products thus reacting with flexibility to the market situation.
Apart from developing its bank products, EIBANK will continue to enlarge its branches network. For the first nine months of 2008 the bank opened 14 new branches and offices, the total number of which has now become 136. The remote outlets network has also been enlarged and those amounted to 134 by the end of September. From the beginning of this year the ATM machines owned by the bank have registered an increase of 21%, the number of POS terminals has grown with 17.3%. For the first three quarters of this year the number of accounts and clients of EIBANK grew with over 13%.