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CIBANK has launched an offer to agricultural producers, involving loans secured with subsidies for cultivated areas

This year CIBANK is offering again to agricultural producers overdraft loans at preferential terms against expected subsidies under the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS).

Clients can apply without a request for support submitted at the regional agencies of State Fund Agriculture.

Loans are in BGN, amounting up to 90% of the last subsidy received, at attractive interest rates, and with a period of repayment until 30 June of the next calendar year. Borrowers can use multiple disbursements of funds from the loan under the terms of an overdraft.  The loan is repaid as a lump sum once the subsidy funds are received, and CIBANK does not charge a fee for repayment with the subsidy.  

Along with the loans secured with a pledge on SAPS subsidies, CIBANK also offers to agricultural producers a wide range of credit products which can assist the development of their business, such as financing of agricultural land, financing of projects under the Rural Development Programme with guarantees from the National Guarantee Fund, and exceptionally attractive terms for investment projects funded with resources from SF Agriculture or the European Investment Bank.