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CIBANK is a dynamically developing commercial bank

CIBANK is a dynamically developing commercial bank with over 20 years of experience in providing a full range of banking and financial services and products for individuals, corporate clients and SMEs. The bank has an extensive nation-wide branch network and invests continuously in its maintenance and expansion. Simultaneously, the bank is responding to the modern market demands by developing remote channels for distribution. 

Since 2007 CIBANK is part of the Belgian bancassurer, KBC Group. The synergies between CIBANK and the other entity of Group in Bulgaria, DZI, make possible the use of innovative approaches in the provision of bankassurance products and services which are new for the Bulgarian market.

In 2017 the Belgian bank-insurance group KBC acquired UBB. After the upcoming merger between CIBANK and UBB, the new united bank UBB will be the third largest bank in Bulgaria in reference to assets worth approximately EUR 5.1 billion and a market share of approximately 11%.

Together, CIBANK, UBB and its subsidiaries and DZI will become the largest bank-insurance group in Bulgaria, one of the main markets of KBC Group. As a result, KBC Group will become active on the leasing market, as well as on the asset management and factoring markets in Bulgaria and will offer its clients the full set of financial services.

CIBANK JSC holds a full banking license. It operates as a licensed investment intermediary performing all kinds of activities specified in the Law on Credit Institutions.


The world is changing. We are changing too and we are going to develop and grow in a new way. The new strategy of CIBANK, part of KBC Group, encompasses the long-term framework for development of the company, based on a clear and sustainable mission, vision and values.


The foundation of our philosophy for development is the principle of customer orientation, which allows us to get closer to our clients, understand them better and respond to their needs.  In order to earn the trust of our clients and build long-term relationships with them, we count on a professional team of loyal and motivated employees committed to the goals of the company. Driven by the understanding that only a socially responsible business can be successful, we observe strict compliance with the existing regulations and maintain partnerships with all stakeholders.  We believe that businesses play a key role for the well-being of society and we strive to contribute our share towards the economic, social and cultural development of the country.

Our values are the building blocks of our culture and determine our relations and actions towards all stakeholders.

We treat with respect all of our internal and external clients. Integrity for us means maintaining fair and balanced relationships, being opened and transparent in our actions, respecting the dignity of each person and building mutual trust.

We value the opinion of our clients and respond quickly and attentively to all proposals, opinions and complaints. Our employees are open and tolerant and act with due care in each specific case.

Focus on the results
We strive to achieve the highest results for our clients, employees, company and shareholders. We deliver on our promises. We continuously aspire to improve our products and services and exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the optimal quality for the given price, offered with flawless service. The bancassurance model generates added value for our clients via provision of complementary and optimized products and services.


We strive to be the first bank that comes to mind when people are considering the purchase of financial products or services.

We strive to be the first company that comes to mind when employees are seeking a job position with a potential.

We aspire to be the reference among the banks today in order to be the top one tomorrow.

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