CIBANK offers you an opportunity via the EPAY system to pay your utility bills such as:

•    Electricity
•    Land line and mobile phone bills
•    Water
•    Heating
•    Cable TV
•    Gas supply
•    Insurances

You can find a detailed list of merchants on the website of EPAY - or HERE.

*Your utility bills could be paid from an account opened in the Bank, in BGN or EUR (without an account servicing a revolving card).



Payment is easy and convenient

You manage and control your costs
You can choose how to pay:
•   Automatically
•   After  manual confirmation

You can register in an office of the bank or via our system for internet banking
You can pay your bills, as well as those of your relatives

You save time

•  With our automatic payment option
•  You do not follow-up dates and deadlines
•  There is no risk of missing a payment

You are informed

You receive an e-mail notification about:
•   A new obligation
•   Successful payment
•   Unsuccessful payment and the reason thereof

Payment of obligations

Automatic payments:

-    Every month, three days after receiving a notification for due obligation
-    Possibility to set a limit for payment
-    Setting a priority for automatic payments

After manual confirmation:

-    Possible only via CIBANK ONLINE


•  In an office of the Bank  after signing a Request for the service.
•  Via CIBANK ONLINE (individuals and representatives of legal entities) without visiting an office of the Bank

In both  cases you could activate, modify and cancel your subscription.


•   Without a fee for activating and modifying your subscription
•   With a monthly maintenance fee
•   BGN 0, 20 fee per transfer