How does the "Secure Internet Payments" work?


Secure Online Payments is a service that CIBANK offers to its cardholders, with a view to providing additional security for online payments.

It is based on the international security standard 3-D Secure, developed and used by the international card organizations Visa and Mastercard through the programs Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.

The main purpose of 3-D Secure is to verify the cardholder through an additional confirmation of his/her identity, after entering the so called 3-D security code.

CIBANK sends a free text message containing the so-called one-time password or dynamic 3D code to the mobile phone of the Account Holder and/or Cardholder during an online purchase that is valid only for the particular payment.
•    A one-time password is generated automatically by the system at the time of payment only if the online merchant from whom the purchase is being made is also a participant in the Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure code programs.
•    The password is valid for 15 minutes for the specific payment. When the next payment is made, even if it is for the same merchant, the client receives a new password on his/her mobile phone.
•    When the purchase is being made with a merchant who is not a participant in the Program, the payment will be carried out without additional password verification.
•    For the newly issued cards, the service will be available within 4 hours after the submission of the card for activation.
•    If there are three failed attempts with the onetime password, the service will be blocked.  It is necessary to submit a Request for Normalization to a CIBANK office, for which a fee is due, according to the Bank Tariff.
•    The service applies to Visa Electron, Visa Business Electron, Visa Classic, Debit MasterCard Pay Pass, Debit MasterCard Business, MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Business.
•    Maestro cards are not covered by the Program.

In order to receive a text message outside the territory of Bulgaria, an active roaming service is required.

Mobile numbers can be corrected only in writing, at a Bank's office.

How the service "Secure Internet Payments" protects me?

  • Through a mandatory requirement for a correct 3-D security code, which is known only to you.
  • When you shop at sites marked with or
  • If you find out that your card has been used illegally on a site that has not been registered for the Service, you have a priority in case of a dispute - the merchant will be held responsible.


What is necessary to use the service "Secure Internet Payments"?

  • To own a bank card, issued by CIBANK;

How to register for the service "Secure Internet Payments"?

  • The registration for the service is performed automatically by CIBANK and is valid for all bank payment cards (except Maestro).
  • For the newly issued cards, the service will be available up to 4 hours after the card activation.

How to shop safely online?

STEP 1:  Visit the merchant's site

STEP 2: Choose the product 

STEP 3: Enter the mandatory payment card properties to finalize the purchase


  • Card type                                                                                                                      
  • Card number                                                                                     
  • Validity
  • CVV/CVC – the last 3 digits from the back of the card

When the purchase is made with a merchant who is NOT a participant in the Program, the payment is finalized with this step!

Step 4: If the transaction is with a merchant who is a participant in the Secure Online Payments program, the system will transfer you to one more step for additional verification.


  • A screen with an active PASSWORD field is displayed
  • In a few seconds the system sends the free text message with the 6-digit password on the client's mobile phone
  • The password is inserted in the PASSWORD field.
  • In the event that the message is not received, mistakenly deleted, etc.,then when selecting the "generate new message" option, the system sends a new one-time password

  • After selecting CONFIRMATION, the transaction proceeds in the standard, already known way, and the purchase is successfully completed.

Recommendations for your security

  • Make payments on your card only with online merchants who have a good reputation and are certified for 3-D Secure;
  • Keep the information about the merchant - name, address, telephone, contact person;
  • Keep a copy of the screen where you confirmed the purchase;
  • Make sure that the confirmation of the purchase screen contains CIBANK's logo;
  • The presence of these elements is a proof that the payment has been checked by the Bank, and that the information you enter is not be disclosed to other persons. If one of these elements is missing, do not enter your identification data such as your personal 3-D security code;
  • Check the exact payment sum. Pay attention to the decimal comma;
  • Do not reply to e-mails that forward you to sites where you are required to submit confidential information, related to your bank card, bank account, PIN or 3-D security code;
  • Inform the bank immediately, if you suspect that someone else knows your 3-D security code;
  • Avoid processing card payments from a computer other than your personal one.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at 0700 1 4554