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Financing programs:

During the period from 2007 to 2013, Bulgaria, as a full member of the European Union, will be granted EUR 6.67 billion from the Cohesion and Structural Funds and EUR 2.6 billion for agriculture and development of rural areas. This is the amount of the EU subsidy in addition to the national co-financing. Financing shall be granted on the basis of project applications in compliance with specific rules. There is an irrevocable requirement for up to 100% advance financing and for 20% to 80% guaranteed co-financing of projects, depending on each concrete programme and project.

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(EUR 1 162 million) supports technological modernization of enterprises; the introduction of energy saving technologies and innovative products in the production process; the creation of guarantee funds for enterprises; attraction of new investors in Bulgaria; assistance for increasing the export of small and medium enterprises, etc.


Beneficiaries: micro, small, medium and big enterprises, universities, research and development organizations, non-governmental organizations which offer consulting and informational services to businesses, guarantee and risk funds, micro-credit funds, etc.


(EUR 3 242 million) supports investment in agriculture and processing enterprises, and more specifically construction and renovation of buildings, purchase and installation of new machines, equipment and devices needed for the improvement of agricultural production, and also planting and transplanting of perennial plants. Projects financed in rural municipalities support infrastructural improvements, reconstruction of roads, street pavement, water and sewerage systems, launching of small businesses, rural tourism and other forms of alternative tourism.


Beneficiaries: agricultural producers, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, rural municipalities, etc.


Provides agricultural subsidies for farmers, with the payment being based on hectares of cultivated land and not on agricultural produce or number of animals.

Beneficiaries: agricultural producers

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(EUR 106 million) supports: activities aimed at resolving the major problems of the outdated Black Sea fishing fleet; intensive exploitation of marine resources; the construction, expansion, equipment and modernization of production and processing facilities which have potential to produce quality marine products; the development of good practices of fisheries management; partnership between researchers and fishermen, and the development of their professional skills, etc.

Beneficiaries: owners of fishing vessels, fishermen, associations of fishermen and owners of vessels, private and public companies and public-private partnerships, etc.


(EUR 1 601 million) supports activities related to the reconstruction, renovation, and new equipment of educational institutions, hospitals and health centers, theaters, and community centers; the improvement and reconstruction of existing infrastructure or the construction of new technical infrastructure related to the recreation industry; the construction and renovation of parks and children's playgrounds; the modernization of the transport infrastructure; development of natural, cultural, and historical attractions.

Beneficiaries: municipalities, associations of municipalities, public educational institutions, public health and social institutions, local administrations, public authorities, non-for profit organizations, etc.


(EUR 1 800 million) The Programme supports measures related to the creation of infrastructure for the collection, purification, and disposal of waste waters; waste treatment; improvement of the air quality; protection and conservation of biological diversity, etc.

Beneficiaries: Local administration, municipal companies, regional associations/associations of municipalities, public companies, water and sewerage treatment facilities, basin directorates for the different regions of basin water management.


(EUR 1 213 million) supports activities aimed at the creation of economic opportunities for unemployed and discouraged workers, including: self-employment; improvement of the quality of education through innovation and better relationships between various educational institutions, businesses and the research and development sector; development and improvement of the employment system and  the labor conditions, etc.

Beneficiaries: educational and training institutions and organizations, employers, branch organizations, NGOs, information and professional development centers, professional orientation institutions, micro enterprises, consulting companies, research and development centers, kindergartens, etc.