Not issued as of 15.06.2017


We offer you:

  • Easy, safe and convenient access to your money 24 hrs a day from millions of locations around the world
  • Choice of currency for your card account – BGN, EUR or USD
  • Deferred payment of your liabilities (credit overdraft) and high limits – for more information please click here;
  • Convenient payment at commercial outlets and online stores;
  • Currency conversion for transactions under better terms – payment in the local currency, sums automatically converted in the currency of the account;
  • SMS notification for every transaction;
  • Free of charge international travel and health insurance covering up to EUR 30 000;
  • Being a part of the worldwide group of MasterCard holders is a sign of prestige and importance  

Where can you use it?

MasterCard can be used at a number of stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, rent-a-car agencies, petrol stations and other commercial outlets. More than 24.6 mln outlets worldwide are covered.

  • You can make payments at both commercial outlets and over the Internet free of transaction fees.
  • In case you need cash, you can use your MasterCard for drawing money from АТМ machines, at bank counters or POS terminals all over the world.
    • In such cases it is cheaper for you to use ATM machines or offices of CIBANK PLC because withdrawal fees are lower.
    • If you happen to be abroad, fees for withdrawal from АТМ machines are lower than fees charged at bank offices.
    • When you draw cash from an ATM, you need to enter and confirm your PIN.
    • When you draw cash at a bank office, it is not necessary to enter your PIN; you need to sign on the POS terminal receipt and you may be asked to show your ID. 

How would you know that you can pay via a MasterCard at certain outlets?

Look for the MasterCard logo, which is usually clearly indicated. If you don’t see the MasterCard logo, you can ask the merchant whether they accept such cards.

Before you actually make a payment over the Internet using a МasterCard:

  • If possible, take some time to find out whether the merchant is trustworthy
  • Try to find out as much as you can about the company before you start doing business with them.
  • Check whether there is a forum on the merchant’s website, where other customers have expressed opinions and commented on their experience in using the merchant’s services.
  • Ask you friends which their favourite Internet stores are.
  • Be alert! The fact that there are no complaints against the particular merchant or that the merchant is well-reputed may not mean that your purchase would go smoothly too.
  • Before you enter the card details:
    • Look for this symbol:     
    • Look for the MasterCard SecureCodeTM sign which is an addition to the precaution measures taken by the merchant.

If you happen to encounter problems with the merchant:

  • You have the right to dispute a payment and claim a refund in any of the following cases: when technical problems occur causing the transaction to be duplicated, when there is a problem with the merchant’s trustworthiness as well as in any other case when you believe that your interests have been harmed. Before you pursue your claim, however, you should have taken all possible steps to settle the argument directly with the merchant.
  • There are different deadlines for the different cases when you can request a “chargeback”. Each claim for a refund has to be supported with evidence. That is why it is recommendable to keep for a certain period of time all receipts you receive from merchants or ATM machines.

How to use the card in a safe and reliable way:

To avoid unauthorized use of your card, here are some steps that you have to take:

  • Sign on the back of the card immediately after you have received it.
  • Keep the card account number separately from the card and in a safe place
  • Check your cards regularly to make sure that none of them are missing.
  • Remember your PIN. 
  • Do not give any information if you feel uncomfortable giving it.
  • NEVER tell other persons your PIN or passwords that you use to log in on the Internet or other electronic applications.
  • Do not give any information about your card number except when you want to pay with it.
  • In case your card gets stuck in the ATM machine during a transaction, you have to call immediately the following CIBANK number: +359 2 9810529 for us to block your card. The sooner your card is blocked, the lower the risk of loss for you.
  • Never call mobile numbers written on information notes on ATM machines. Always use only the numbers which CIBANK has given you.

How can you receive an international MasterСard credit card?

In order to receive an international MasterCard credit card, you need to go to a CIBANK office and apply for either a MasterCard Standard or a MasterCard Gold card, after which you have to sign a contract with CIBANK.

What should you do in case you suspect fraud:

  • Call CIBANK immediately. We can block you card and issue a new one.
  • If your card is with you, but you have noticed unauthorized purchases with it, please get in touch with CIBANK and declare the fraud.
  • Please make sure you have the contact numbers of CIBANK and BORIKA system operator written down and easily accessible for you.

For CIBANK’s Tariff on MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold – please click here
For CIBANK’s general terms and conditions for issuance and servicing of International MasterCard Credit Cards – please click  here