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Our offer takes effect as of 26.09.2016.

•    Attractive income in a market situation of decreasing interest rates
•    Secured, guaranteed and increasing income for a 9-month period
•    Payment of the due interest on a basis of 3-month intermediate periods
•    The paid interest for completed interest-bearing periods is not lost by the depositors in case of early termination of the deposit.
•    Automatic renewal of the deposit without a need to visit a bank office on the maturity date.

The deposit is intended for clients, who:

• aim to increase their savings in the middle term;
• are not quite certain about the final maturity date within 3, 6 or 9 months;
• seek to increase their profitability.

• The agreed annual interest rate protects the planned profitability from future changes to the deposit term irrespective of the market trend towards dropping deposit interest rates.
The agreed annual interest rate increases every three-month period.
• Growing profitability if the deposit term is extended as a result of an increasing interest rate for every extended term;
• A possibility to terminate the contract at any time while it is in force and receive the agreed interest for all quarterly periods prior to the date of termination;
• Transferring the accrued interest to a current account;
• At the end of the agreed term, the deposit will be automatically renewed by the Bank for another period of 9 months and the up-to-date interest rates for the product will be applied, while the Depositor will not have to go to a branch/office of the Bank.