A Payment account with basic features is a type of current account maintained in BGN, appropriate for private individuals, through which the following payment services are provided:

  • Depositing and Withdrawing cash on a payment account
  • Credit transfer in national currency and EUR
  • Payment transactions executed via a debit card, including payments via the Internet
  • Direct debit payments in BGN

Additional services:

  • A choice for issuing a debit card Visa electron or Debit MasterCard, through which you have an access to your funds 24/7 in the country or abroad;
  • You can dispose with your funds in a bank branch/office or to make a registration for the service Cibank Online/Cibank Mobile.

The new saving account is specially developed for your convenience. It provides you the perfect freedom to save without limitations with respect to the term as well as to operate with your funds when necessary, taking advantage of our attractive interest rates. CIBANK offers you a profitable savings account providing:

  • Growing interest rate related to the deposited amounts 
  • Unlimited possibilities for:
    • Depositing additional funds and to increase the rate of return
    • Withdrawing amounts at any time without losing interest income
  • Minimum amount for opening
  • Free of charge saving account opening 
  • Free of charge monthly maintenance provided certain balance standing at the saving account 
  • Possibility for automatic ex-officio transfer of funds from/to the saving account to/from other your account via standing order
  • Ability to provide a loan secured by funds on deposit.