Not issued as of 15.06.2017

Join the millions of people who use and trust Visa every day. CIBANK offers you:

  • A convenient and reliable card, accepted worldwide – you can use your Visa Classic card at 24 million stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. in 160 countires
  • Choice of currency for your card account – BGN, EUR or USD.
  • Deferred payment of your liabilities (credit) and high limits;
  • Automatic currency conversion for transactions – you pay in the local currency of the country and the money is converted into the currency of the account;
  • SMS notification for every transaction;


Advantages of paying directly with a Visa Classic card

If you use your Visa Classic card mainly to withdraw cash, you should also consider another option. Your Visa card is also a secure and convenient way to pay for all purchases.

Wide acceptance - Visa Classic can be used at all large retail outlets and most supermarkets, petrol stations and shopping centers.
0% fee – Pay at retail outlets with your Visa Classic card to avoid the fee for drawing from an ATM machine.
Convenience - You have instant access to your money, so you do not waste time at ATMs and your money is in a safe place. Thanks to the Visa cash back service, you can even слугата draw cash while paying for your purchases.
Control - Each transaction with a Visa card is reported in your monthly statement, which enables you to control the expenses incurred with the card.
Security and protection - Only you can authorize a transaction with the card by entering your PIN. In case of loss or theft of your card, you do not lose all your money - you can immediately block the access to the card by contacting the issuing bank.