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Integrated Solutions for Beneficiaries and Contractors

The venue for your project with the support of the EUROcredit Programme

Why EUROCredit from CIBANK?

CIBANK is part of the Belgian KBC Group and is one of the biggest financial institutions in Bulgaria.
CIBANK is the first bank offering integrated solutions for working with EU funding.

The unit created for this purpose in the Bank has developed different products in line with the specifics of different operational programmes, and it offers its clients not only crediting, but also consultations during the whole cycle, from the project idea to the final approval and receipt of funding.

CIBANK has developed the EUROcredits programme which offers a unique and integrated approach in order to facilitate your participation in EU projects by providing a preferential collateral requirements for loans and cut down your expenses, while allowing you to combine this with other projects of the Bank and DZI.

The seven crucial steps to success:

1. Come visit us and tell us more about your EURO idea!
Our credit experts will give you initial guidance about the realization of your idea – what programme is likely to give you financing and what the basic application requirements are.


2. Put together the project!
We will put you in touch with leading consulting companies which have signed cooperation agreements with us. You could assign the preparation of the project proposal to a company of your own choice or prepare the project yourself. The choice is yours!


3. Choose the right financial services!
Your credit expert will offer you the most suitable specialized bank product or combination of products, depending on the specific EU project.


4. Insure your investment!
You could take advantage of the specialized insurance policies developed by DZI.


5. Implement your project!


6. Get the approved financial assistance!
At the special CIBANK account designated for the subsidy.


7. Continue developing your business together with us!
We offer you a long-term partnership:


  • A full range of bank services for the activities of the company;
  • Investment loans - for expanding the business of the company;
  • Working capital loans (credit lines and overdraft);